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Overheight Detection System ODS

To prevent damages to the structure or equipment of tunnels (lighting, signals, ventilation), it is advisable to control the height of all vehicles at tunnel access for exceeding the headroom. In the normal case, height control at two positions is recommended. At the first position the driver of a vehicle with over height is requested by an active warning sign to leave the road at the next exit. At the second position, light signals will block tunnel access in case of alarm.


The SAM over height control system recognises even small objects (minimum of 5 cm) at a speed of up to 100 km/h. Roads with a width of up to 32 meters can be controlled for height with an accuracy of 2 cm. Two SAM-S sensors work as reflection light barriers in this application. Therefore, only one electrical installation is required on one side. On the opposite side a passive reflector is to be mounted. Due to special beam widening, adjustment is very simple and there are no problems to be expected from vibrations, the swaying of the supporting pole, or even the thermal expansion of the construction.




The signals of both sensors - and inductive loops, if used - are logically combined in the controller to avoid false alarms that could be caused by birds or falling leaves. Additionally, the signal quality of the sensors is constantly monitored and an event of fault will be reported by a separate output. The over height alarm output allows to activate warning signs, flashing lights or traffic signals. All events will be logged in the controller to allow the complete documentation of SAM operation.