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Passing Counts & Turning Movement Surveys

Turning Movement counts at junctions normally use one hc8 logger per exit. Pressing just one key, the enumerator records the driving direction and class of each observed vehicle. Internally, the data will be accumulated into precise time intervals. After the survey, the data of all loggers will be transferred to PC and can be processed with the KNO-WIN analysis suite.

KNO-WIN stores the data of the hc8 loggers in a data base and generates various lists, tables, diagrams, graphs and traffic volume charts. Using KNO-WIN, the recorded data can be converted, for instance into vehicle-units or heavy goods traffic and also be extrapolated to 24 hours. Intervals can be subsequently combined, peak hours can be determined, and the data can be compared with the result of other surveys.

KNO-WIN supports the survey of traffic on roundabouts and allows to convert junctions into roundabouts and vice versa.
hc8/36 KNO-WIN




Manual KNO-WIN (english)