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Handheld Logger hc8/36

The logger is water resistant, tamper proof, very robust and therefore best suited to be used in fieldwork. Data entry is simple and easy to understand. The logger has keys  with tactile pressure points and acoustic feedback as well as a display for the visual control of input. This result is less errors and better data quality as with traditional surveys.

Once the logger has been charged, its battery lasts for weeks continuous working. All data is stored in flash memory, therefore no loss of data due to empty batteries is possible.


The keypad has 36 keys that can be freely programmed. For different surveys, a large number of keypad foils with symbols are available. The hand held logger is equipped with an internal clock and will switch itself on and off automatically at the programmed start and end times. An internal supervisor function detects when data has not been entered for some time, so that poor enumeration can be recognized.