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Ice Warning System - Wind Farm

In an area with wind turbines, roads must be blocked due to potential ice-fall / ice-throw using variable message signs at different locations. The Ice Warning System has been developed specifically for this purpose.

Icing is detected by sensors within the wind turbines and transferred to the Ice Warning System through the Internet. In addition, the Ice Warning System can be supplied with current data via its own temperature measuring station. Therefore, there are several possibilities to detect icing.

The control center of the Ice Warning System captures the sensors and controls the solar powered variable message signs. It switches the displayed symbols of the respective variable message signs and informs itself about their condition.

A specifically developed GPRS-Controller controls the data flow within the variable message signs and the control center of the Ice Warning System. The communication is handled via the mobile phone network.

Manual control and status determination of the Ice Warning System is possible on our customer portal over the Internet.