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Realtime GSM Wireless Communication

For the realtime data communication between counting sites and a control center, we have developed a GPRS controller with appropriate server software. Using a small solar panel, traffic sites can be operated in online mode even without power or telephone connection.

The GPRS controller is used for data communication as part of a mobile phone connection. By means of a GSM radio modem, it controls the data transfer from an automatic traffic counting device to a control center. The GPRS controller aggregates the individual vehicle data for short term intervals according to user-defined vehicle classes that will be directly transmitted, sums up data for drive directions from the data of the individual lanes and works out mean values from speed data.

Additionally to GPRS data communication, a CSD dial connection is available to configure GPRS controller and traffic counting device and to read out data.
Mobile phone providers offer so-called M2M rates especially for this kind of data transmission. Already at about 10 Euro a month, a counting site can transfer data every 5 minute to any web-enabled  PC in the world.



Example of GSM realtime data transmission:
Sites equipped with our Bike Counter or Golden River M660 and GPRS-controller transfering data every 15 minutes.

Link - GPRS Realtime Communication