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Runway Marker (RWM)

Alternative or additional to electronic runway markers providing 360 degree visibility with high-intensity wraparound reflective sheeting. Durable and corrosion resistant without any above-ground metal parts of any kind.

  • Upright tube, closed with a reflecting cap at the top,  all-plastic construction PEHD, with post-integrated locking
  • Outer tube (covered with  retro reflective sheeting)
  • Lower tube (base with predetermined breaking point)
  • Total height: 385 mm
  • Height above ground: 285 mm
  • Height below ground: 100 mm
  • Post diameter: 75 mm
  • Base diameter: 100 mm
  • Area of retro reflective sheeting: 250 mm x 75 mm, bue



     Leaflet - RWM (english)