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ORBENA™ Luminous Intensity Measuring System

ORBENA™ is the synonym for „near-field measurement of spatial luminous intensity for the assessment of the far-field“. The ORBENA measuring method/measuring technology provides for the measurement of far-field distribution within seconds at near-precision of a goniometric measurement requiring only narrow space.

Quality management has become essential in all technical areas. With regard to air traffic control, the industrial norm ISO 9001 requires full quality control of all resources employed in air traffic, such as runway lights for instance.

With the help of an optical system and special software, the ORBENA measuring system determines a light’s distribution of luminous intensity in candela. These values will be compared with the  ICAO geometry specification for this light and will be used to assess whether the light complies with requirements or not.

All measurements, such as horizontal and vertical angles, minimum, maximum and average can be printed out, saved to disc or transferred by Ethernet.



  Brochure - ORBENA (PDF)
 Video - The Measurement Procedure (WMV)
 Video - TV Report Fraport (WMV)
  Pictures (PDF)
 Lecture - 'Tag der Forschung' (PPT)
  Leaflet - AIF ProInno Presentation (PDF)

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